How the TMOD/Yullis synergy birthed the Veggie Patch Van









We have always had a dream to create a sustainable food van, which ran and vegetable oil and solar power and severed delicious vegetarian food. This was nothing but a dream….

Over the past decade, there has been an explosion in mobile food vendors across many of the major cities of the world including New York, San Francisco and London, resulting in a mass of street food culture.  Late last year, the city of Sydney began an initiative to include Sydney in this movement.  The city made 10 licenses available and after a 2 phase selection process including a concept submission followed by product testing the 10 successful applicants were going to be chosen.

So of course we jumped at the chance!

We teamed up with some friends from a restaurant in Surry Hills called Yullis and thus ‘The Veggie Patch Van’ was born, a collaboration which creates accessible restaurant quality food with an innovative artistic edge, in an almost infinite number of locations.

And after a grueling submission process we were successful in getting one of the ten licenses!!

The Veggie Patch is devoted to providing high quality vegetarian food using seasonal produce sourced from local growers. The enterprise’s whole foods philosophy extends on the ‘paddock to plate’ movement ensuring the delivery of minimally processed, full flavoured cuisine aimed at reconnecting growers with diners. The van’s artwork resembles a farm barn house surrounded by a veggie patch and is a nod to this idea.

The team behind The Veggie Patch is determined to keep its environmental impact to an absolute minimum, and hope to continually discover new and innovative ways of achieving this. All waste produced including packaging is compostable, solar panels power the cooking, and the van itself runs on recycled vegetable oil.

Inspired by the ‘paddock to plate’ movement, the Veggie Patch aims to recconect us to what we eat and where it comes from. This is reinforced visually through the van’s artwork, which resembles a farm barn housing surrounded by a veggie patch.

We are currently in the process of converting an old diesel camper van that belonged to a friend of ours.  When undertaking any entrepreneurial pursuits we understand that you are going to have an impact on the environment.  We think it is important to constantly make decisions that attempt to minimise this impact as much as possible.

The van should be up and running in about 6-8 weeks. So stay tuned for our progress!

TMOD has collaborated with a restaurant Yulli’s, to create Sydney’s first sustainable vegetarian mobile food van.