When we first embarked upon our food truck adventure, a good friend told us that if we want to be sustainable, don’t start a business! With that in mind, we’ve learned to compromise and rather than trying to be 100% sustainable 100% of the time, we try to keep the out impact on the planet in mind when making decisions.

In terms of design, we used all sustainable plantation pine for the external cladding of the truck.  The internal walls use a product called Modak board and is 100% recyclable and, unlike most conventional materials, is an almost carbon neutral product. We sourced all of the stainless paneling from scrap heaps, cut it down, polished it up and installed it.  All of the finishes including the external trimming (made from old fence palings), internal skylight and cornices were made from salvaged materials.

Thanks to the gang at Australia Wide Solar, we managed to deck out Spud with an inverter, 4 big-arse batteries (each weighs about 50kgs!) and solar panels. This means that all of our electrical needs, including our fridge, are powered by the sun. Finally, we source all of the packaging we use from Biopak who produce compostable takeaway packaging.  Unfortunately, we haven’t managed to maintain a consistent composting system (if anyone can help on this please email) but at least we know the packaging will break down wherever it ends up!